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My name is Maria Tonry and I am the Recreation Director for the Town of Upton. We are excited to announce that we have opened registration for the 2022 season of our Kids@Play program! Please note that some requirements and policies have changed, so we ask that you read the registration disclaimers carefully. Also, the minimum wage has gone up each year for the past three years. Up to this point we have weathered the change and have not raised our rates. As the Recreation Department is self-funded, this year we raised our rates slightly to keep up with payroll costs.

Applications for lifeguard positions are still open on the Town of Upton webpage.

The Recreation Department will be holding events all year round so check our social media for updates about all of our upcoming events!

Looking forward to getting to know you all!
Maria Tonry

Maria Tonry

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Americans with Disabilities Act:
The Upton Recreation Department is committed to making recreation available to all residents. If needed, please contact the Recreation Director by phone, mail, e-mail or in person so that all efforts for reasonable accommodations can be made.